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An Overview of why Public Relations is Quickly Becoming an Essential Part of Doing SEO

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SEO strategies and some of the finest practices linked to it have significantly changed over the past few years to an extent that this industry has started bleeding into another equally popular industry Dubbed “public relations”. Interesting thing is, several highly experienced people have come up with a theory that SEO is now more about public relations rather than simply Search engine optimization as it was once referred to. What’s more, there are several convincing points to support these theories.
Looking back, it is clearly evident that both Search engine optimization and Public relations share a common objective which is to create awareness and help build credibility of any particular brand. The difference has always been the fact that the former (SEO) tends to focus more on achieving the above mentioned objectives through search rankings while the latter (PR) emphasizes on achieving the above mentioned objectives by getting targeted audiences to talk about the brand. It is equally worth noting that even though both have their place; their goals (including how their objectives are achieved) have now become more similar than ever before.


Top Reasons why SEO is gradually moving Towards a PR centered Future


Below is a detailed overview highlighting some of the main reasons why Public relation practices are undoubtedly the future of the search engine optimization industry. They include the fact that:


seo-and-pra. Search engine optimization has lately become stricter about quality rather than focusing on the quantity of links and relevant content. Public relations professionals on the other hand have all those authoritative relationship qualities which Seo require in order to be able to gain the much needed quality.

b. Public relation Professionals have already set up real relationships with the industry. In fact, they have also even started collaborating with news organizations most whom are more than capable of helping you get links that are earned and not necessarily built.  Utilizing pre-existing relationships can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.

Take note, these kinds of authoritative sites can help you build credibility as well as trust within top search engine’s algorithm. This being the case, earning the above mentioned type of links tends to hold slightly more weight plus they can also help significantly improve search rankings. Taking all of this into serious consideration, it therefore goes without saying that it is imperative that you enlist some of the professional PR practices in order to be able to set up the above mentioned meaningful relationships.

c. Leveraging Social media can help contribute to Search engine optimization success. Public relations professional know the best approach to take advantage of social media, bring on board several other influential people and in turn use them to help promote quality content.

Simply put, social media is by far one of the best platforms which guarantee you a chance to help your content be more visible. Keep in mind, getting your content more visible is very important because it leads to the generation of more natural links as well as important mentions on social media overtime. The best thing about working with more authoritative influencers is the fact that most of them have very large following. As a result of this, a single tweet or simply a share from any one of these relationships on your behalf could mean drawing the attention of a lot of new eyes onto your business.

Tip:  Use tools like buzzsumo to find all of the influencers for a given niche, then follow those influencers through twitter and other social networks.  As you see those influencers share content, be sure to retweet and like their content.  This will help build repor over time.  This is the I’ll scratch your back and hopefully you will scratch mine in return approach.  This is also called pre-reciprocation.
PR professionals have unique insight into what targeted audiences are interested in reading


Public relations professionals are also up on current affairs. In fact, they are always up to date to an extent that they have a clear idea about what people are interested in reading as well as whatever is trending at any given time. Seo on the other hand involves spending a significant amount of time carefully analyzing tons of data from top search engines while at the same time trying to figure out the behavior of keywords. Interesting thing about all of this is the fact that, PR professionals only worry about figuring out what exactly it is that the targeted audience is interested in reading. As strange as it may sound, this same insights could help Seos to come up with even more interesting and truly engaging content that is likely to be not only shared but also linked to.
SEO is now centered more around brand mentioning and being viewed as an authority.


The-Marriage-of-SEO-and-Digital-PR-1024x682Even though links from PR relationships help, many companies forget the fact that search engine optimization is presently more about the brand mentioning as well as being viewed as an authority. Simply put, the mere mentioning of your brand from several reputable and well known sources stands to go a long way for your company or the firm that you represent taking into consideration the state of the Seo world at the moment.


Remember, one of the main objectives of any search engine optimization strategy is to help search engines figure out that you are an authority within your industry. It also helps make sure that any mention of your brand on any credible website will help you get there without stressing alot.



The Takeaway


From the above, it is clearly evident that at the moment, most PR related practices and skills have become incredibly useful in search engine optimization. Interesting thing is, both search engine optimization and PR still have their own underlying initiatives. As a result, emphasis should mainly be placed on creating a perfect balance and creating a lasting relationship in order to allow the two benefits from each other. In case, you are interested in learning more about how to create a successful PR or seo relationship, feel free to check out here for more details on the same.
Bottom-line : Taking into consideration the fact that what top search engines such as Google value the most at the moment is what most public relation professionals are skilled and experienced in doing that is creating high quality relationships, publishing a series of high quality content and most importantly having people continuously talking about your business brand.

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